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To see hearings that have been scheduled and the available time slots for hearings, follow the instructions below.  (You cannot change the information shown on the schedule.)

Before you e-mail the division to schedule a hearing make sure that all parties have agreed to the hearing date.

1.  Click on the following link Hearing Schedule.

2.  Then click on "By Venue" on the left side of the page and a list of venues where cases are heard will appear. 

3.  Click on the blue triangle by the venue of your case and a list of scheduled cases will appear arranged in order of the hearing date. 

If there is a date in blue, that date is available for scheduling.  (Except for holidays and DWC staff meeting days)  Occasionally parties in different cases may request the same hearing date.  The party that first requested the date is given preference.

Parties wishing to schedule cases in all venues except Des Moines, will need to choose a backup hearing date first.  The backup date shall be within 12 months of the petition file date.  Then the parties need to pick a primary date at least 4 weeks after the backup hearing date.

4.  Scroll to the date of your assignment to find your case and its status as primary or backup.  The name of defense counsel is also shown.

5.  Click on the name of defense counsel for any case and the names of the parties, file number, claimant's counsel, and the presiding deputy will appear, if a deputy has been assigned.

All parties who wish to schedule a hearing should send the request to:


Please include the file number, all parties' names, date, time, and venue in your request.

Because of the time it takes to enter and upload data, changes will not appear immediately.  The information you see is updated approximately once per hour.

Rescheduling of Hearings and Mediations

Please use the Hearing Schedule when the rescheduling of a hearing or mediation becomes necessary. Please review the open timeslots with opposing counsel prior to calling in for rescheduling. That way you will know your options and have some dates and times in mind when calling.  It is recommended that you have two or more dates and times for the rescheduling in mind when calling. Rescheduling is done from 8:30 a.m. to 11:00 a.m., Monday through Friday. The rescheduling phone number is (515) 281-6621.

If you have questions regarding the Hearing Schedule or how to navigate through the schedule please e-mail:

  • Siri Chanthavong, Hearing Scheduler
    E-mail address:
  • Telephone: (515) 281-5387 

Deputy Workers' Compensation Commissioners travel to seven (7) venues outside of the Des Moines area to hear workers' compensation claims. Those venues are: 

  • Council Bluffs (CB) (04)  Pottawattamie Co. Courthouse
  • Cedar Rapids  (CR) (06) 4444 1st Ave NE, Cedar Rapids, IA  52402 - Lindale Mall STE 436
  • Davenport (DA) (07) Kahl Educational Center -326 W 3rd St., Davenport, IA
  • Iowa Falls (IF) (02)  Ellsworth College Renewable Energy Center 707 Ellsworth Ave, Iowa Falls, IA
  • Ottumwa (OT) (08)  Indian Hills Comm. College, Iowa Workforce Development Center, IHCC North Campus, 15260 Truman St., Ottumwa, IA (Effective 1-1-13)
  • Sioux City (SC) (03) Iowa Workforce Center- 2508 4th St., Sioux City, IA
  • Waterloo (WA) (01)  Iowa Workforce Development - 3420 University Ave., Waterloo, IA

Road Hearing Schedule and Assignments For 2012

1/26/15 IF WA
2/2/15 CR WA
2/9/15 SC OT
2/16/15 CR DA
2/23/15 WA CB
3/2/15 CR DA
3/9/15 OT WA
3/16/15 SC CR
3/23/15 CB CR
3/30/15 IF SC
4/6/15 DA WA
4/13/15 CR OT
4/20/15 SC CR
4/27/15 WA DA
5/4/15 CR SC
5/11/15 CB IF
5/18/15 CR WA
5/25/15 DA SC
6/1/15 CR OT
6/8/15 WA CB
6/22/15 DA SC
6/29/15 CR WA
7/6/15 SC DA
7/13/15 CR WA
7/20/15 IF SC
7/27/15 WA CR
8/3/15 DA CB
8/10/15 SC CR
8/17/15 WA DA
8/24/15 OT SC
8/31/15 CB WA
9/7/15 DA CR
9/14/15 SC DA
9/21/15 WA CB
9/28/15 SC DA
10/5/15 CR IF
10/12/15 CB WA
10/19/15 IAWC IAWC
10/26/15 DA SC
11/2/15 OT CR
11/16/15 SC DA
11/30/15 CB CR
12/7/15 WA SC
12/14/15 DA IF


Please click the link to see what the deputy hearing your case prefers

  Ron Pohlman     James Elliott     Jon Heitland     Larry Walshire    Jennifer Garrish-Lampe   Erin Q. Pals

Disclaimer:  The preferences of the Deputy Commissioners are merely preferences and are not intended to supplement or overrule any Agency Rules published in the Iowa Administrative Code or on the Hearing Assignment Order.   

Due to factors that sometimes necessitate last minute changes in Deputy Commissioner assignments to hear cases, it is presumed that Deputy Commissioners will be accommodating for preferences listed by a previously assigned Deputy Commissioner.

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