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Iowa EDI Claim and Reporting Compliance Handbook

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The Iowa EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Claim and Reporting Compliance Handbook is designed to help any individuals or businesses understand the State of Iowa’s claim, compliance, and reporting requirements. It is also a handbook to help understand the International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions’ (IAIABC) Release 2 EDI package. In order to process workers’ compensation claims in Iowa after July 1, 2001, that claim information will have to be reported to the state using EDI as the IAIABC and State of Iowa have standardized it. 

The purpose of this handbook is to provide the user with an educational and process reference guide. This is a guide that the reader may utilize to learn Iowa’s reporting and compliance system and also as a handy day-to-day document that may be referred to, thereby assisting that individual and/or entity to understand and maintain compliance with Iowa Workers’ Compensation statutes and rules and the requirements required therein.

To assist the reader in understanding the IAIABC’s Release 2 standards reporting system you will find the definitions to the terms utilized in “Release 2” and also a comparison of those terms to ones currently in use in the Iowa Workers’ Compensation system. 

This Handbook is not intended as a replacement for, substitute of or supplement to the Iowa EDI Implementation Guide or the IAIABC’s Release 2 EDI Implementation Guide.

We hope that you will find this publication useful. Opinions or conclusions expressed in this handbook should not be considered to be a final determination of this office.

PDF Files require the Adobe Acrobat Reader July 2001 Compliance Handbook (PDF 473 KB)

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