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Compliance Requirements

Office workers overlooking files There are numerous Iowa workers' compensation compliance requirements for employers, insurance carriers and third party administrators. Iowa companies, other companies that have employees working in Iowa and companies doing business in Iowa, including companies or individuals adjusting workers' compensation claims, must be aware of and comply with those requirements.

Please review the Reporting Requirements and the Compliance Handbook to ensure that you and your company are maintaining compliance with the Iowa Workers' Compensation Act.

Our Insurance Carriers and Self-Insurers Duties page lists the Compliance Duties and Responsibilities of Iowa Workers' Compensation (WC) Law for Insurance Carriers and Self-Insurers.

On May 18, 2001, Iowa Workforce Development issued a News Release,  "Added Emphasis On Workers’ Compensation Compliance".

Workers' Compensation Compliance Administrators represent the Division of Workers' Compensation and cannot represent the interests of any person or group involved in a workers' compensation case, but they can provide you with valuable information that you may need to better understand Iowa workers' compensation laws and practices. 

The Compliance Administrators are also the agency's representatives on compliance issues. Should you believe that someone, or some entity, is failing to comply with the Iowa Workers' Compensation statutes and rules in regard to a workers' compensation claim that you have, or that of another, please notify a Compliance Administrator immediately so that the may attempt to end the noncompliance by the offending party

When sending an e-mail to a Workers' Compensation Compliance Administrator please include:

  • Your first and last name 
  • Your phone number 
  • Division of Workers' Compensation file number if known
  • Employers name 
  • Employer address

The following Workers' Compensation Compliance Administrators are here to serve you:

Last Name Begins With The Letter: Contact Person
A through H
Penny Maxwell
I through P
Ros Darensbourg
Q through Z
Ann Snowgren
Janna Martin

If  you wish to speak directly to a Workers' Compensation Compliance
Administrator please call our office.


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