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Facts About Military Unemployment Claims

When you file a claim you must report all wages in the last 18 months, including wages from the military and federal employers, and provide complete addresses and dates of employment.  If we need to request wage information from the federal government, your claim will be delayed until we receive this information (usually about one week).

To receive credit for military wages, you need to provide a copy of your DD-214 (Member 4).  If you served in the reserves, you must have had at least 90 consecutive days of active service for these wages to be used.  The military service, not Iowa Workforce Development, determines if your earnings can be used on a claim.

If you are attending school, the requirement to complete a work search each week in order to draw your unemployment may be waived.  Please contact your local Iowa Workforce Development office for details.

Click here to begin filing your claim.

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