Iowa Unemployment Insurance Information

Form number: BLS 3020

Report Name: Multiple Worksite Report

References: Multiple Worksite Report, page 2, and "special booklet" for instructions for submission by magnetic/electronic media.

Who's Required to Submit: Employing Units who operate the same business activity in more than one location or conduct different business activities from one or more locations within Iowa.

Where to Send Report: May be returned to Iowa Workforce Development, BLS Program-QCEW, 1000 East Grand Ave., Des Moines, IA 50319-0209, or FAX to (515) 281-8195.

Comments: This form is to be completed for each calendar quarter. This form may be submitted by magnetic/electronic media. However, before using magnetic/electronic media, please call (515) 281-8178 to obtain "special booklet" for instructions on this procedure.

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