Unemployment Insurance (UI) Services Division

Frequently Asked Questions About Filing a Claim Online

Q: On the application form there are two lines for the address. Does this mean I have to enter two addresses?
A: No, you only need to give us one complete address, for example, one with a street number and name or a post office box, plus the city, state and ZIP code.

Q: When I apply for something online, sometimes I’m unsure whether the proper people have received my application. If I’m unsure, should I submit another application?
A: No. You will receive a confirmation e-mail (and number) stating we have received your application. If you do submit another application, it will just slow down the process, because we will have to call to verify if the second application is from the same claimant (you).

Q: I served in the U.S. military and I am claiming those wages. On the application there are questions that ask about military service and others that refer to the federal government. Do I answer both if I served in the military?
A: No. For unemployment insurance, service in the U.S. military and working for the federal government are considered two separate and different types of work. If you served in the U.S. military, left the military, and then began working for the federal government (for example, at the Department of Labor), you should answer questions for both sections.

Q: On the Withholding page in the unemployment insurance application, the third question asks if I’ve been receiving a private pension or retirement payments (401K, Keogh, etc.). Is that like asking if I’ve been paying into a fund like that?
A: No. This question is to verify if you’ve been receiving money from a pension or a retirement fund, not paying into it. If you have not received money from anything like this, your answer should be no.