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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Extended Training Benefits and Department Approved Training

What kinds of training will qualify?

  • Occupations that are on the Departmentís list of High Demand Occupation (HDO) jobs

  • High tech occupations

  • Training programs approved by Workforce Investment Act providers.

  • Approved GED/HISET programs.

What information will I need?
You will need the name and address of your school, the dates of your classes, and a copy of your class schedule or enrollment verification. If you were laid-off from your last employer, you must include the form completed by employer certifying you were separated as a result of reduction in operations.

Can I get financial aid?
Your local workforce center can help you research and find financial aid information, but you should also check out these web sites:, and The Iowa College Student Aid Commission can also be reached toll-free at (877) 272-4476 or online at All Iowa colleges have financial aid offices that can help you apply for a Pell Grant scholarship. Pell Grant applications are available 24/7 at or by calling 1-800-4-FED-AID (1-800-433-3243) during business hours. You will need to report last yearís income when applying, but your educational institution can adjust your eligibility to reflect your current circumstances.

Where will I send my school information (schedules, etc)?
Bring your schedule to your local Iowa Workforce Center to ensure you have the application filled out correctly and the correct information that is needed to apply. You can also fax the information to (515) 242-0444 or mail it to:

UI Service Center-TEB
P O Box 10332
Des Moines IA 50306-0332

A program brochure and a list of High Demand Occupations are available here.

Q: Are Training Extension Benefits (TEB) the same as Department Approved Training (DAT)?
A: No, TEB can pay you up to an additional 26 weeks of unemployment. DAT does not pay additional weeks, it just waives your work search while you are collecting. If you discontinue school, TEB is no longer available.

Q: If I am on DAT and run out of benefits, can I qualify for TEB?
A: TEB is only payable after you have exhausted all payments on regular and extension unemployment insurance benefits. You must apply for TEB separately from the application that was submitted for DAT. Your application for TEB must be received before the end of your benefit year or within 30 days of exhausting benefits whichever is later.

Q: Will I get paid during a break from school?
A:  Yes, as long as your break is not over 4 weeks.  If you are going to be out of school for longer than 4 weeks you need to contact Iowa Workforce Customer service before reporting any weekly claims.

Q:  I have already been approved for TEB, but I have not started to receive my benefits?
A:  There are several variables impacting the payment of your claim.  TEB can only be paid after all other benefits have been exhausted.  Your application will be kept on file until you run out of other benefits.  If additional information is needed, you will be contacted by mail.

Q:  When should I apply for Training Extension Benefits?
A:  You can apply at anytime while you are claiming benefits.  The earlier the better so you know if you will be approved for the program.  You must apply within your benefit year of your claim or no later than 30 days from when you ran out of money, whichever is more favorable.

Q:  I am currently receiving TEB and I just scheduled my classes for my next term.  Should I send in that schedule?A:  No, wait until you are sent a notice from the TEB unit requesting the schedule and grades.  Be sure to send all information together so your payments are not delayed.  There will be an address and fax number on that letter to send the information to.  Use that letter as the coversheet when you are sending it in.

Q:  Do I have to get all Aís?
A: No, you just need to show us that you are attending your training and showing satisfactory progress. We will need you to provide your class schedules and grades while you are receiving the benefits.

Q: What will my weekly payment amount be?
A:  The amount you are paid on TEB will be the same weekly benefit amount as you were receiving on your regular unemployment payments. 

Q: How long will my benefits last?
A:  The TEB program is for up to 26 weeks of payments.  Some people may not receive the full 26 weeks because they finish school before they have received all 26 weeks.

Q: When does TEB start?
A:  Your benefits would begin the week you run out of all other unemployment benefits that you are eligible for.  Make sure you have brought in your most recent school schedule to your local workforce office to be sure we have all the information that is needed to start your benefits.  If there is more information that we need, you will hear from the TEB Unit by telephone or by mail.  Make sure every time you are in the local office that your address and phone number is accurate.

Q: How will I know I am eligible for TEB?
A:  After you apply for TEB you will receive a letter in the mail of approval or denial usually within 2 weeks after you apply. 

Q: What if I havenít started school yet and my benefits exhaust?
A:  TEB payments are only made when you are enrolled and attending school.  If you have exhausted your benefits and you donít start school for a few weeks you will not receive payments until your classes start.

Q: How many classes do I need to take?
A:  You must at least be enrolled half-time in classes.  You need to find out what your school considers a full-time class schedule and you must be enrolled in half of that.

Q: Will TEB pay for the classes?
A:  No, TEB is an extension on your unemployment benefits.  It is not intended to pay for your courses unless you wish to use it for that. 

Q:  Will I have to provide my grades to you?
A:  We will send out a letter a week before the end of your term requesting a schedule for the next term and the grades from the one you are finishing.  You will have 20 days to respond to that letter.  Use that letter as the coversheet when you send it back in and be sure to sign and date the letter first.  If that letter is not sent back in before the due date on the bottom of the letter your continued benefits could be discontinued.

Q:  What do I need to do after I am approved?
A:  You need to continue to report your weekly claim as you did before you were on the program.  Also, you will receive a letter mail when you are completing your courses and you need to follow the instructions to return your grades and next term schedule. 

Q: Can I take courses online?
A:  Yes, if you can provide us with a course schedule of classes you are taking, and it is through a accredited school we will accept that for the program.  The occupational goal you are working towards must also be on our high demand occupation list.

Q:  I have graduated school and have not been able to find a job.  Can I still receive TEB payments?
A: No, the payments are only for when you are enrolled and attending approved courses. 

Q:  I am going to school for my GED.  Can I apply for TEB?A:  Yes, GED is an approved goal for TEB.  You will be required to send in attendance sheets signed by your GED instructors on a monthly basis to prove you are attending school.

Q:  I have finished the training program that I was working on and now I want to further my education for an advanced degree.  Can I still receive TEB?
A:  Yes, as long as the occupation goal is still on the High Demand Occupation list.  You must also still have benefits available on your claim.  Even though you are enrolling into new course or possibly even a new school, you are not entitled to another 26 weeks of payment.

Q:  I was offered a part-time job.  Can I work and receive TEB?
A:  Yes, you need to report your gross (before tax) wages that you earn each week you file your weekly claim.  The reporting dates are from Sunday to Saturday so whatever you earned that week you would need to report when you file your claim.  When you start your new job, you should check with your local workforce office to see if once you start you could be eligible for regular unemployment payments again on any other claims you have filed in the past.  Working a part-time job can extend the number of weeks that you can receive from TEB.  Your total amount you are eligible from TEB is a calculation of your weekly benefit amount x 26.  If you work and report wages you may not receive an entire weekly payment for that week, therefore, your weeks would last longer than the original 26 weeks.

Q:  I received a letter in the mail stating I am approved for Department Approved Training (DAT).  Does that mean I am now eligible for TEB?
A:  No, you must apply for both programs separately.  If you have not already filled out an application for TEB, you must do that in your local office.  DAT has fewer restrictions than TEB so by being approved for DAT does not automatically approve you for TEB.  Each unit is separate and you must be sure that they both have your schedules each term to remain on the program.

Q: If I qualify for DAT, do I automatically qualify for TEB?
A: No, You must apply for each program separately and be approved on each program separately.


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