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Iowa Workforce Development

Labor Services:
Enforces safety in the workplace
- Provides consultation to employers on occupational safety health compliance
- Conducts amusement ride, elevator and boiler inspections
- Maintains statistical information of workers' illness and injuries
- Enforces wage, labor and child laws

Workers' Compensation:
- Oversee medical and wage replacement benefits to workers for injuries on the job, occupational diseases or hearing loss
- Conducts workers' compensation mediations and hearings

Unemployment Insurance:
- Collects unemployment insurance taxes
- Maintains Iowa Unemployment Trust Fund
- Makes payments to eligible jobless workers

Administrative Services:
- Provides Administrative support for employee services, building management, office service functions, and financial and accounting
- Develops, maintains and manages IWD information technology services

Workforce Services:
- Manages a network of Workforce offices throughout Iowa
- Serves one-stop locations on workforce issues
- Provides job counseling, job training and assistance and special services to special needs populations
- Provides support for the IWD Board

Labor Market and Workforce Information Division:
- Provides labor market statistics such as occupational wages and future labor market issues

Iowa Workforce Development
Agency Leadership Organization

Beth Townsend
 Director - Beth Townsend
Ed Wallace
Deputy Director - Ed Wallace
Interim Labor Market and Workforce Information Division Administrator

Joe Cortese
Workers' Compensation
Commissioner - Joe Cortese
Michael Mauro
Labor Services Commissioner
Labor Commissioner - Michael Mauro
Paul Mikkelson
Administrative Services Division
Division Administrator - Paul Mikkelsen
Mike Wilkinson
Unemployment Insurance Division
Workforce Services
Chief Operations Officer - Mike Wilkinson 


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