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  • Iowa Registered Apprenticeships
    Registered Apprenticeship is a critical postsecondary education, training and employment option available in every state in the country.
  • Veteran Employment Services
    Veteran Representatives are located in many Workforce Centers across the state. They coordinate all services provided to veterans within the Iowa Workforce system.
  • Iowa's New Energy Economy
    At a time when the Midwest continues to experience job losses and a challenging economic outlook, new energy industries in the Midwest are emerging as focal points for job creation.
  • Iowa Office of Energy Independence
    The Office of Energy Independence (OEI) sets the strategic direction for Iowa's clean energy future by identifying goals to achieve desired results. The office will align state government efforts for achieving energy independence through partnerships with business and industry, community leaders, government and public agencies, and other stakeholders.
  • Midwest Power Skills - Education & Training Resources
    If you are interested in knowing more about training for careers in energy in the Midwest, you have come to the right place. This web site collects data from colleges in the Midwest and is designed so you can find the area you want or find out what is offered closest to your home.
  • Map of  Iowa Local Workforce Offices
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