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Youth Services

WIA Youth Eligibility

The Youth Service Provider, MATURA Action Corporation, will be responsible for conduction eligibility determinations.  Eligibility determinations will be based upon self declaration of information provided by applicants.  The applicant must certify that information provided is correct to the best of the applicant's knowledge.  If the information provided is inconsistent or if there is reason to suspect that the applicant is either mistaken or dishonest, verification of the information will occur.

To be eligible to participate in the WIA  Youth program an applicant must meet all six criteria listed below:

Not less than age 14 or more than age 21; and

A low-income individual

An individual who has one or more of the following barriers:

  • Deficient in basic literacy skills

  • A school dropout (not including those enrolled in       
    alternative school)

  • Homeless, a runaway, or a foster child

  • Pregnant or a parent

  • An offender

  • An individual who requires additional assistance to complete an education program, or to secure and hold employment, such as potential dropout, person with a disability (Including learning disability), single parent (for those enrolled in school or enrolled in post secondary education), person whose primary language is not English, person who meet s the definition of a minority, person who has been treated for drug or alcohol abuse

Registered with Selective Service, if 18 or older; and

A citizen or national of the United States, a lawfully admitted permanent resident alien, a lawfully admitted refugee or parolee, or an individual authorized by the Attorney General to work in the United States.

Is a recipient of Region 14 or attends a secondary school within the region.

WIA Youth Program
Activities and Services

On-the-Job Training (OJT)
OJT offers training in an actual work situation that has career advancement potential.  This allows the person to develop specific occupational skills or to obtain specialized skills required by an individual employer

Work Experience
Short-term or part-time employment allows youth who participate in a work experience to develop good work habits and basic work skills.  This is training that will serve them for life in whatever occupations they pursue.  A Work Experience activity is intended for individuals with little or no job experience.

Institutional Skills Training
Conducted in a classroom setting, institutional skills training provides the technical skills and information required to perform a specific job.  Typically, it leads to a certificate, diploma, or degree from a two-year vocational/technical institution.

General Education Development
GED is for youth who have not completed their high school education.  They receive instruction to assist them in the successful completion of the GED tests.

Pre-Employment Training (PET)
Instruction on how to obtain a job, from completing applications and résumé as well as interviewing skills.  Personal growth and development may include motivation, self-esteem building, communication skills, basic living , personal maintenance skills, social planning, citizenship, and life survival skills.  Direction on maintaining a job once acquired may include covering employer expectations relating to job attendance, dependability, professional conduct and interaction with other employees.

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