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A family walking on the sidewalkPROMISE JOBS, “Promoting Independence and Self Sufficiency through Employment,” is Iowa’s welfare reform program. Designed to assist Family Investment Program (FIP) recipients to become self-sufficient, PROMISE JOBS is a participation requirement for most FIP recipients. Participants develop an individualized Family Investment Agreement (FIA) that outlines what steps they will take to enable them to leave public assistance. People who fail to participate or comply with their FIA are considered to have chosen a Limited Benefit Plan (LBP), and lose their FIP benefits.

PROMISE JOBS staff are located in the Council Bluffs Iowa Works office.

A number of activities are available to PROMISE JOBS participants, including:

·        Assessment – Aptitudes and interests are evaluated to help participants determine their best route to self-sufficiency.

·        Job Seeking and Skills Training – A workshop that covers proper interviewing techniques, résumés, how to fill out a job application, and other work search information.

·        Job Search – Assistance with finding employment.

·        On-the-Job Training – Full time, paid employment for persons lacking work skills, with out-of-date skills, or demonstrated problems finding employment.

·        Monitored Employment – Full/part-time unsubsidized employment.

·        Basic Education – Includes assistance with high school completion, HiSET, adult basic education, and English-as-a-second-language.

·        Post-Secondary Classroom Training – Includes assistance with academic and vocational training, which prepares participants for a specific area of employment. Assistance is dependent on abilities and aptitudes, available funding, and other requirements. There is currently a 24-month funding limit on all approved post-secondary education.

·        Parenting Skills – Training that helps participants become better parents.

·        Family Development Services – Help overcoming significant family barriers.

·        Family Planning Services – An option for everyone referred to PROMISE JOBS. Participants can find out how additional children can affect a family’s finances.

           Some financial assistance for transportation and childcare is available for PROMISE JOBS participants, depending on the activity. Limited funding for car repairs, work clothing, and other approvable costs is also available to help participants who are job ready or already employed.

For more information on PROMISE JOBS eligibility and participation requirements, contact the office nearest you:

Council Bluffs  (712) 352-3480

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