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Computer MonitorsThe Communications Bureau serves as Iowa Workforce Development’s in-house public relations agency, helping the department and its partners to speak with a clear and consistent voice. It is responsible for the development of the department’s Web sites and for information about its many services, including news releases, brochures, and other marketing efforts. 

IWD has five main public web sites to serve the needs of Iowans: 

  • www.iowaworkforce.org - comprehensive site listing all services for individuals and businesses. 

  • www.iowajobs.org - lists thousands of Iowa job openings daily, as well as labor market information and links to other governmental and non-profit job sites.

  • www.iowaworks.org - site for Iowa businesses to easily find information and services of interest to them, and submit job openings online. 

  • www.youthforiowa.org - student and youth site targeted for youth 14-24.

  • http://iwin.iowaworkforce.org - Iowa Workforce Information Network (IWIN), provides detailed Iowa Labor Market Information.

World Wide Web FolderIWD news releases are listed on our Web site at http://www.iowaworkforce.org/news/. You may also subscribe to our News release service and receive e-mail notifications when new statewide releases are posted. Media outlets can subscribe to targeted news releases unique to their regions sent via e-mail by contacting .

If you have any questions regarding Iowa Workforce Development's communications, please e-mail Ed Wallace at or by telephone at (515) 281-5082.

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