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For Immediate Release: February 14, 2012
Contact: Kerry Koonce
Telephone: (515) 281-9646

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Iowa Leads the Nation in Technology Based Job Postings
Postings Double Due to Technology Partnerships

DES MOINES – Iowa Workforce Development’s (IWD) job bank at has doubled in the last year thanks to a unique partnership with the Direct Employer’s Association. IWD is able to use state of the art technology to “index” jobs directly from an employer’s website and post to in order to promote current opportunities statewide. Employers no longer are required to enter current opportunities on multiple job sites to receive maximum exposure.

“Iowa is a great example of how a state workforce agency can utilize the technology to increase staff efficiencies. Through the use of indexing, Iowa is increasing not only the number of businesses that are listing jobs on the Iowa state job bank, but also increasing the traffic that is driven to the state job bank. As a result of indexing, business representative staff is able to concentrate on developing critical relationships that will ultimately lead to a greater understanding of the company’s needs and an increase in successful employment opportunities for Iowa,” stated Julie Cook, operations manager, DirectEmployers Association.

Indexing is an efficient process for businesses that eliminates repetitive postings and promotes all of the company’s job opportunities across the state. Companies utilizing the indexing service benefit from daily updates of their job information to ensure maximum exposure for newly posted opportunities.

“Iowa is the leader in using job indexing through the National Labor Exchange (NLX). The Iowa state job bank has nearly doubled its number of currently available jobs. Today, through the job indexing process, 597 additional companies have jobs in the Iowa state job bank. As a result, Iowa has been able to shift business service staff to more intensive business and economic development services,” said Charlie, Terrell, operations manager, National Association of State Workforce Agencies.

Companies interested in utilizing the indexing process for streamlining the posting of jobs, can contact Denise Schippers at or (515) 281-9097.


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