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For Immediate Release: September 24, 2009
Contact: Kerry Koonce: (515) 281-9646

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IWD Hosts Iowa Health System Job Fair

Des Moines – Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) is hosting a job fair for Iowa Health System on Friday, September 25th from 3:00 – 6:00 PM at the Des Moines Workforce Center - IowaWORKS, 430 East Grand Avenue.

IWD is partnering with Iowa Health System to assist with finding qualified Iowans to fill the 300 available positions for the new hospital in West Des Moines. Interested individuals should come prepared to speak with company representatives about available opportunities and bring a current résumé.

Positions exist in all career fields, including clinical partners, food service, CNAs, supply tech, registered nurse, medical tech, physical therapists, surgical techs and more.


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