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For Immediate Release: July 15, 2009
Contact: Kerry Koonce: (515) 281-9646

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Ames Elevator Accident Inspection Nearly Complete

DES MOINES – The Iowa Division of Labor released a timeline of events relating to the north elevator at 119 Stanton Avenue, Ames, previously involved in an accident and resulting fatality. Maintenance records indicate the 7th floor elevator doors, the site of the fatality, had presented a previous problem in March.

State inspection records combined with subpoenaed documents from Campustown Property Management and Schindler Elevator Corporation (SEC) were utilized to create the partial timeline of events affecting the north elevator. Records indicate the elevator received an annual state inspection on December 30, 2008 that noted three issues. The elevator was re-inspected by the State on February 27th which noted the three previous issues had been rectified. Throughout the first part of 2009, SEC and Campustown noted multiple incidences of problems with the elevator. On March 2nd, SEC noted a visit to the building because the north elevator doors were knocked off track on the seventh floor, the site of the accident. Mechanic notes state “pried door up and on”. Several other problems related to the north elevator were reported and repaired by SEC following the March 2nd incidence.

“The mechanics notes of prying the door are consistent with the damage our inspectors noted on the 7th floor safety retainer,” indicated Iowa Labor Commissioner David Neil. “This piece is critical to the safe operation of the elevator. At this time, Schindler has indicated the parts have been ordered but they will not be ready for the planned re-inspection today.”

The north elevator will remain closed until all repairs are completed. At that time, a state inspector will re-evaluate the elevator and determine if all repairs were satisfactorily completed.

A copy of the timeline is included:

Date Event Description
12/30/08 State Inspection 3 Requirements
1/5/09 Annual Safety Test Completed by Schindler Elevator Company (SEC)
1/23/09 Repair by SEC Door knocked off. Repaired clutch.
1/27/09 Repair by SEC SEC worked on safety issues identified on 12/30/08.
Repaired vandalism to 4th floor call buttons.
1/31/09 Repair by SEC Elevator stuck on 3rd floor. Governor tripped.
2/27/09 State Reinspection Confirmed that safety requirements identified 12/30/08 were completed.
3/2/09 Repair by SEC Doors knocked off track on 7th floor. SEC mechanic stated “Pried door up and on”
3/6/09 Campustown logged activity Worker stated “Tried to reset”
3/9/09 Repair by SEC Governor tripped. Car door restrictor and clutch bent up.
3/19/09 Repair by SEC Elevator stuck above floor 2.
3/27/09 Inspection Invoice Permit and inspection fees.
4/8/09 Permit Issued Received payment for fees from 12/30/08 inspection and 2/27/08 reinspection.
5/11/09 Repair by SEC Repaired car door restrictor and clutch.
6/6/09 Reported fatality Reported to SEC, 7th floor door fell into shaft.
SEC notified state of fatality.
State inspection found 7th floor hoistway door on top of the elevator car.
SEC secured elevator from operation.
6/10/09 Accident follow-up 2nd inspection to determine repairs necessary for code compliance.
6/11/09 Service call SEC present for ServPro pit cleaning.
6/19/09 State inspection report Issued inspection report stating requirements for restoration to code compliance. Found Hoistway Door Safety Retainer on car top under cross head.
7/15/09 set as date to complete repairs. State to verify compliance prior to returning to operation.
7/2/09 State communication to SEC Request made to determine repair schedule for elevator.
7/15/09   State has not been notified that elevator repairs are complete and ready for inspection.


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