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For Immediate Release
Contact: Bob Becker
Telephone: (712) 262-1971 ext. 126

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Developing An Internship Program As A Way To Grow Your Workforce

SPENCER, IOWA - The Lakes Area Employers’ Council (ECI) will be meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009 from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. at Iowa Lakes Community College, 1900 N Grand Ave, Spencer, Iowa 51301. All employers, human resource personnel, accounting, payroll, and other staff members are invited to attend. Featured speakers will be Anne Quail, Internship Coordinator, Buena Vista University, Bill Minnick, Director, Career Development Center, Northwestern College.

Topics and Ideas discussed:

• Definition of an internship
• How an employer can initiate an internship program
• What comes next once an employer is ready for an intern
• Benefits to employers both long and short term
• Needs assessment as a way to best utilize the intern
• Project ideas
• Paid versus unpaid internships
• Legal issues
• Knowing where and how to advertise for an intern
• Setting the tone and intern orientation
• Performance evaluation

Questions will be entertained by Anne Quail, Bill Minnick.

Participants are encouraged to register by Friday, February 20, 2009 by calling Bob Becker at (712) 262-1971 ext. 126 or by e-mailing . Preregistration is required. Refreshments provided. A certificate of attendance will be provided to attendees for recertification purposes.

The Lakes Area Employers’ Council is a local employer group supported by Iowa Workforce Development Region 3 and 4, and is part of the statewide Employers’ Council of Iowa system. This employer’s group addresses workforce issues, and provides both educational and networking opportunities for employers and human resource professionals. Contact Bob Becker at if you have questions about this training session or about the Lakes Area Employers’ Council.


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