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Governor Culver Announces National Emergency Public
Jobs Program Hits Milestone: Over 100 Worksites Identified

DES MOINES – Today, Governor Chet Culver announced that more than 100 worksites for the Emergency Public Jobs program as part of Iowa’s $17.1 million National Emergency Grant.

“This program is one important step for helping Iowans get back on their feet after last month’s devastating floods and tornadoes,” said Governor Culver. “It gets people back to work and gives them a hand up in the recovery process.”

Last month, Governor Culver requested, and received, from the federal government more than $17 million in a National Emergency Grant. These funds are used to hire Iowa workers who have been displaced due to flooding.

The projects contain employment opportunities for nearly 800 Iowans. Twenty-seven projects with the ability to employ over 450 Iowans have been identified in the Cedar Rapids/Iowa City area and surrounding counties alone.

To be eligible for the grant, individuals must live or work in a county that has been declared eligible for FEMA public assistance.

“Thousands of Iowa workers have been impacted as a direct result of the dramatic flooding felt across the state,” indicated Iowa Workforce Development Director Elisabeth Buck. “The grant specifically targets individuals whose employment was effected by the floods and provides an opportunity to work at rebuilding the state.”

Individuals can work for approximately 6 months in the program and can earn up to $12,000. Individuals are paid at the prevailing rate for the worksite, which provides higher compensation than unemployment insurance benefits. To apply, Iowans who are eligible are encouraged to contact their local Iowa Workforce Development Office.

In addition, Governor Culver announced today that Iowa has received an emergency extension for unemployment insurance benefits, which could potentially impact up to 74,000 Iowans. All individuals who are potentially eligible will receive a letter from Iowa Workforce Development in the near future explaining what steps need to be taken to qualify for additional benefits.


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