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Iowa Workforce Development Partners to Provide Disaster Employment Services,
Heartland AEA Provides On-Site Mobile Unit

DES MOINES – Iowa Workforce Development has partnered with Des Moines Area Community College and Urban Dreams to provide outreach services to Des Moines area residents impacted by the local flooding in the Birdland area. Heartland AEA has provided a mobile unit which has located to North High School. Simpson College and United Way of Central Iowa will also provide services to the affected residents.

“Iowa Workforce Development will staff the unit from noon until 4:00PM each day to assist residents with unemployment claims, information on new jobs and additional services as needed,” indicated Iowa Workforce Development Director Elisabeth Buck.

Iowa Workforce Development recently received a $17.1 million federal grant to provide emergency public jobs to assist with the clean-up and redevelopment of public facilities and infrastructure destroyed by the recent flooding. Individuals employed through the grant program are entitled to work for approximately six months and can earn up to $12,000. Wages are paid at the prevailing rate for the worksite. In Des Moines, DMACC administers this grant for the agency through Iowa Employment Solutions and they will be accepting applications for the available positions.

Iowa Workforce Development intends to keep staff on-site for as long as is needed to assist local residents and Heartland AEA has committed the resources of the mobile unit.


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