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For Immediate Release
Contact: Wendy Mihm-Herold
(563) 380-3733 Ext. 111

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Dubuque, IA --- In a recent survey by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 65% of the small business owners identified health care costs as their “most critical issue”. Critical for health care costs continue to rise and many people lead lifestyles that is not healthy, resulting in comprised productivity and significant financial impact for a small business. A solution to tackle this alarming issue is to teach people about wellness and for businesses to invest in a wellness program. Area businesses are invited to learn more on Wednesday, March 8th, from 11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. by attending “Wellness Works’ presentation by Ann Gregorie Kulze, MD. The presentation will take place at Dubuque Town Clock Center for Professional Development at NICC. To register call (563) 557-8271 ext 130. The cost including lunch is $24.00.

Dr. Ann Gregorie Kulze is nationally recognized as an expert in her field of wellness and is a corporate wellness trainer. She promotes “small business owners to take control of their personal health cutting-edge, evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle practices and then in turn communicate this message to all of your employees while simultaneously providing a work environment consistent with its core goals – improving the health and quality of life of your workers and improving your bottom line.” Dr. Ann has been featured by a number of national media outlets including: Time Magazine, NPR, WebMD, CNN Radio Cosmopolitan, Woman’s World, Bridal Guide, Pregnancy, Women’s Health & Fitness, and Redbook.

This event is sponsored by Town Clock Center for Professional Development at NICC, Dubuque Area Labor Management Council, Rousselot, Medical Associates, The Finley Hospital, Principal Financial and Iowa Workforce Development.


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