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Misclassification Seminars

Iowa Workforce Development's Misclassification Unit
Prepared To Educate and Enforce

Misclassification of workers as “independent contractors” rather than “employees,” is a growing problem in Iowa and across the nation. Businesses that misclassify their workers typically fail to pay unemployment insurance contributions. They fail to withhold regular payroll and withholding taxes for their employees. These businesses might also violate minimum and overtime wage, contractor registration, or other employment and labor laws. They might fail to provide workers compensation coverage to their workers. Iowa employers must report wages to Iowa Workforce Development’s Unemployment Division. Iowa employers must report wages to the Iowa Department of Revenue for state withholding taxes.

When employers misclassify workers, they avoid paying these taxes. They underbid honest, law-abiding businesses that pay all taxes owed. Employers who misclassify workers could pay significant penalties and fines and may face criminal charges. It is more important than ever to learn to properly classify workers and to follow state and federal laws. A Misclassification Unit within IWD’s UI Division focuses on this issue, providing extra help to protect workers, law-abiding businesses, and taxpayers. A web site provides general information, FAQs and contact information for reporting businesses that appear to misclassify workers:

Please contact the Misclassification Unit to arrange an educational presentation on this topic for your professional organization, industry group, local chamber of commerce, service organization, worker organization, agency or the general public. Contact the Misclassification Unit by telephone at (515) 725-1088 or (800) JOB-IOWA (800-562-4692), or e-mail at, or by regular mail at Misclassification Unit, Iowa Workforce Development, 1000 East Grand Avenue, Des Moines, IA 50319.

Educational outreach on worker misclassification so far in 2010 includes fifteen presentations for a variety of groups around the state. The organizations sponsoring this education are state agencies, human resources and payroll professionals, building trades groups, homebuilders and farm business associations, developers and accountants. Locations include Dubuque, Griswold, Waterloo, Oskaloosa, and the Des Moines area.

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