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Laborshed studies provide community economic developers and existing or prospective employers a flexible tool to understand the local labor market and make informed expansion and site selection decisions.

A Laborshed is defined as the area or region from which an employment center draws its commuting workers. Laborshed studies show the distribution of the workers irrespective of natural or political boundaries. Laborsheds also address underemployment, the availability and willingness of current and prospective employees to change employment within the workforce, current and desired occupations, wages, hours worked and distance willing to commute to work.  

Iowa's Laborshed Studies Guide                Iowa Statewide Laborshed Report 2013            Statewide Trends Analysis

Iowa's Laborshed Studies Guide                  Statewide Laborshed Cover 2013                       Statewide Trends Analysis

Current Laborshed Study Executive Summaries:

Regional Laborshed Executive Summaries:

Please contact us for previously completed and archived Laborshed Studies.


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