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Fifteen Iowa community colleges have been offering postsecondary educational and training opportunities for students to assist them in becoming skilled professionals and/or to continue their higher education. Effective educational programming is always in demand as it helps support the state’s economy and the prosperity of Iowans.

 To assist community colleges in their efforts to determine the effectiveness of their educational programming, Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) provides wage data that can be used to measure the success of students in the workforce.  IWD uses wage records from the state’s unemployment insurance (UI) database to answer questions regarding the state’s employment rate, earning levels, types of industry by gender, race, academic titles, and types of programs. All of the wage data as well as student records are used for research purposes only and are published as aggregated data to protect individuals’ identities.  This research service was not always readily available in the past, but with the cooperation of the Iowa Department of Education and Iowa community colleges, IWD is now able to provide this information.

 The Quick Looks below are short Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) education outcomes research publications, reporting an overview of employment and wages of Iowa community college students.

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