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In the spring of 2013, Iowa Workforce Development worked in cooperation with community colleges, state universities, and private institutions across the state of Iowa to conduct the Iowa College Student Survey. The survey was distributed to the post secondary institutions and then emailed to students by  college representatives. Iowa Workforce Development received 5,074 responses to the survey.

The survey and report are designed to inform government, community and business leaders in Iowa regarding the expectations and opinions of the future workforce.  The report is broken into four sections covering:  statewide data, community colleges, regent universities and private colleges.

The report address questions pertaining to fields of study, the occupation/industry in which they would like to be employed, desired wages, desired benefits, opinions about features that attract them to stay/relocate in Iowa and whether they plan to stay in the state after graduation. 

Iowa College Student Analysis 2008

Iowa College Student Analysis 2013


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