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Health Coverage Tax Credit

If you are interested in accessing the health coverage tax credit for either the advanced payment or the tax credit, there is a certain criteria you must meet to be eligible to receive the benefit, which is in addition to the insurance plan being a “qualified plan.” You must be eligible for unemployment compensation, the TRA benefit or receiving the ATAA wage subsidy and not receiving a health care benefit.

If you find employment (that is not ATAA re-employment), the benefit would cease with the first day of employment. Even though you might not receive health care coverage for a probationary period, unemployment compensation or TRA benefit also end with the first day of employment.

This is a self-enrolled portion of the program.

After you have filed your unemployment claim or your
training plan, please call 1-866-628-4282.

The only involvement the State of Iowa will have
is to transmit your eligibility to the IRS.

If you call to enroll and are told you are not eligible, please contact:

Trade Act Coordinator
Phone: (515) 281-9022 or (515) 281-9015

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