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The federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act was enacted on August 4, 1988 and became law effective on February 4, 1989 providing protection to workers, their families and communities by requiring employers to provide a 60 day calendar notice in advance of covered plant closings and mass layoffs. To learn more, read the summary of public law number 100-379 (S. 2527). Please note there are currently no additional legislative regulations imposed on employers by the State of Iowa.

When the WARN Notice is received of a major worker dislocation, Iowa Workforce Development’s Rapid Response Coordinator contacts company officials as soon as possible to discuss early intervention services. At this time, IWD begins its responsibilities under the Federal legislation for the WARN Act and the Worker Investment Act (WIA) to serve as the lead agency for the coordination of services and serve as the Chair of the meetings held as part of the Rapid Response process.

For additional information on WARN Act requirements, contact your State Rapid Response Coordinator or utilize the WARN Elaws Advisor. Elaws Advisors help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the employment laws and regulations. Each Advisor imitates the interaction you might have with an employment law expert. The Advisors ask questions and provide answers based on your responses.

Employer’s Guide to Advance Notice of Closings and Layoffs

WARN Reports:
Review a list of WARN notices received by the Iowa Workforce Development. WARN reports available include summary detail on the affected employers and their layoffs or plant closures.

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