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Planning the Rapid Response Meeting

Iowa's Rapid ResponseIowa Workforce Developmentís, State Dislocated Worker Unit, has the responsibility for chairing the Rapid Response meetings. The Rapid Response meeting is usually held at company facilities and the inclusion of the media is, therefore, a company decision. The meeting(s) generally lasts less than 2 hours.

Members of the State Unit and/or a member of the local Iowa Workforce Developmentís WIA Service Provider (e.g., IWD Regional Manager, WIA Director or his/her designee) will ensure that the following are advised of the meeting time and location and request each organizationís active participation in the meeting:
  •  Company officials (both management and labor)
  • Local WIA service providers and their partner service providers including, but not limited to:
    • Community action agency
    • Community college staff [representing education]
    • Iowa Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    • Iowa State University Extension
    • Iowa Department of Human Services
    • Community-based mental health provider
    • Local credit counseling agency
    • Local economic development organization
    • Small Business Development Center
    • IWD Workforce Advisor and WIA Service Provider Staff
    • Other local service providers as identified by the local IWD office or WIA Service Provider
  • Elected officials including:
    • State legislators
    • Mayor
    • Board of Supervisors

Others invited to this meeting may include:

  • Representatives of the local Regional Workforce Investment Board (RWIB)
  • Iowa Department of Economic Development
The Rapid Response Meeting Agenda

To begin the meeting an overview of the process and a series of questions are presented. A round table format is used and all present are encouraged to contribute. The final agenda item is to schedule Employee Information Meetings so all the affected workers can make informed choices as they face dislocation.

The tone of the meeting is based on sharing information. This approach reduces much of the stress felt by the employer and encourages active, open dialogue. Items addressed at this meeting include, but are not limited to:

1. A discussion of the planned layoff schedule, positions impacted, skills and special needs of the impacted workers and whether the pending layoff is the result of foreign competition;

2. Benefits offered to the impacted workers (company and/or union paid retraining, severance, early retirement, transfers, etc.);

3. A description of the programs and services offered by the various agencies;

4. Discussion of available funds to assist with transition and retraining services;

5. Discussion of establishing a Worker Transition Committee;

6. Discussion of a general plan of action for the impacted workers; and

7. Setting the time and location for the Employee Information Meeting(s).
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