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Planning for and Avoiding Layoffs

Planning for and Avoiding Future Layoffs

Utility WorkerIowa’s businesses find themselves competing not only with companies across the street, but also with companies around the globe. As a result, many companies are streamlining their operations, increasing their core competency and skill requirements to remain competitive in the global marketplace. Long-term employees can be at a disadvantage because of outdated skills and face dislocation because of plant closures, relocations, or reinvention.

Iowa’s Layoff Aversion Project includes the thought that layoff prevention involves a “continuum” of strategies and ideas to assist business and workers as well as communities when responding to a layoff and crisis. Not only do we want to work with communities to assist businesses in preventing layoffs but we also want to assist those workers who have been laid off by shortening the length of time before they start working their next job.

For more information, please contact:

Leslie Schmalzried, Program Coordinator
Iowa’s Early Warning System and Layoff Aversion Project
(515) 281-8084

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