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Benefits to Your Business

Rapid Response LogoThe services that Rapid Response provides are based upon the local labor market conditions, an evaluation of worker surveys, the skill levels of the workforce, the general economic condition of the area and the availability of meaningful training and the motivation of the workforce. Funding may be available from Iowa Workforce Development to sponsor local job fairs to accommodate both hiring businesses and dislocated workers.

Iowa Workforce Development works through partnerships with local economic development groups to identify the skills in demand by area employers and then partners with local IowaWORKS Centers or other educational providers such as community colleges to develop short-term training classes to meet the demands identified by the local hiring community.

Providing Rapid Response services to your workers during layoffs or plant closings will result in multiple benefits to you as an employer and will help assure:
  • Higher productivity, better worker morale and lower absenteeism by reducing stress. Lower unemployment insurance costs as workers become re-employed faster when early intervention services are begun prior to the layoff.
  • Decreased likelihood of retaliations, theft, or other work disruptions.
  • Human Resources staff saves time and resources.
  • Formation and utilization of Transition Team Peer Counseling.
  • Media and rumor management control. Rapid Response understands the often confidential nature of layoffs, and will work with the company to ensure confidentiality at all times.
  • Better public relations for an employer. Rapid Response teams can also work with the media to highlight services an employer is providing to its workers during a layoff period, which can assist with maintaining the company's public image.
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