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About Iowa’s Rapid Response Program

Help for Communities and Workers Affected by Company Closures or Layoffs

Rapid Response LogoPURPOSE

To provide Iowa employers and their employees who are affected by business closings or layoffs with information and assistance to help alleviate the unemployment and economic distress that results from these employment actions.


The Workforce Investment Act of 1998 29 U.S.C. §§2801(38), 2864(a)(1)(A) & (2)(A) Regulations: 20 C.F.R. §§665.300 TO 665.340.


Upon announcement of a business closure or layoff, the State Dislocated Worker Unit within the Iowa Workforce Center Administration Division will initiate rapid response activities to assist the employer and the workers impacted by the business closing or mass layoff.

The State Dislocated Worker Unit and the State Rapid Response Coordinator will ensure that:
  • Company officials are contacted to ensure that the employer is aware of the procedures and services available through Iowa’s Rapid Response Program.
  • Meetings with the employees are held on site with the cooperation of the employer. At the Worker Information Meeting, a variety of agencies are available to the affected workers to give out information and answer questions on their programs. The Rapid Response meeting includes company officials (both management and labor) and local service providers including, but not limited to: Iowa Department of Human Services; community action agencies; community college staff (representing education); Iowa Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services; Iowa State University Extension; mental health agencies; a workforce advisor from Iowa Workforce Development; and Workforce Investment Act (WIA) service provider staff. Others invited to this meeting may include local politicians (i.e., county board of supervisors, mayors, etc.); state representatives, state senators, aids from congressional representatives and senators; representatives of the local Regional Workforce Investment Board (RWIB); and state or local Economic Development agencies.
  • Assistance is provided to local communities to assist in responding to the closure or layoff.
  • Additional meetings are provided for workers as needed for skill testing and assessment, labor market information and the development of resumes and re-employment plans.

Rapid Response services are available to all Iowa employers and affected workers.


Employers who are experiencing or about to experience a reduction of their workforce are encouraged to contact the Iowa Workforce Center Administration’s State Dislocated Worker Unit to develop an effective plan to assist the affected workers.

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