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Iowa's Wage Payment Collection Law

State law requires the payment of wages and benefits due under a company policy or contract.  If your employer is paying you less or not providing all the benefits outlined in the policy or contract you may download the Claim for Wages Form - (Spanish Claim For Wages Form), fill in appropriate information and forward it to the Division of Labor.  You may also file in District Court on your own behalf or seek assistance from a private attorney.  In some instances it is also beneficial to file with the U.S. Department of Labor, Wage and Hour Office.

The Iowa Division of Labor processes claims relating to unpaid wages, vacation pay, unpaid expenses, unauthorized deductions, minimum wage, etc. If a case cannot be settled or mediated, we may file suit against the employer for wages, liquidated damages, court costs and attorney fees. 

  • Our office does not accept claims for wages after one year from the date the wages became due and payable.
  • Our office does not accept claims for wages if the amount owed you exceeds $5,000.
  • Our office does not accept claims for wages if your work was not performed in Iowa.

To contact the wage payment collection and minimum wage staff:

Pat Stewart, Secretary (515) 281-8464 Patricia.Stewart@iwd.iowa.gov
Karen Pfab, Executive Officer (515) 242-5869 Karen.Pfab@iwd.iowa.gov
Mitchell Mahan, Attorney for the Labor Commissioner (515) 281-3554 Mitchell.Mahan@iwd.iowa.gov
Rosa Garduno, Wage Investigator (515) 242-6278 Rosa.Garduno@iwd.iowa.gov

Frequently Asked Workplace Wage Questions (PDF)

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