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Changes to recordkeeping and reporting regulations:  Effective January 14, 2015, an employer must report a workplace illness or injury that results in death, hospitalization, amputation, or the loss of an eye.  Some employers who were required to keep OSHA 300 logs will be relieved of that requirement, and other employers who were exempt from OSHA 300 log requirements will lose their exemption.  These changes are a result of actions taken by the U.S. Department of Labor.  To view detailed information on the federal website, click here.  To view the text of Iowa's new rules, click here

Protecting Workers from Ebola:  For resources on protecting employees from the Ebola virus, click here

Changes to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard:  Businesses that use, transport, and sale hazardous chemicals will be impacted by new hazard communication requirements.  Deadlines for implementing the changes range from December 1, 2013, to June 1, 2016.  Click here for deadline details. For more information about the hazard communication changes, please visit http://www.osha.gov/dsg/hazcom/index.html or contact the Iowa OSHA Consultation and Education Bureau at 515-281-7629.

Iowa OSHA's Consultation Service offers free and confidential service to help Iowa employers comply with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration standards and to remove existing hazards in the workplace.  Consultation's services are totally separate from enforcement and do not result in citations or penalties. 

Upon written request from an employer, trained Industrial Hygienists and/or Safety Consultants will visit the workplace, assist in identifying hazards and improving the employer's safety and health management system.

An on-site consultation may include, but is not limited to, identification of hazards in the workplace; review of written safety and health programs; review of OSHA 300 logs for injury and illness trends, review of the safety and health management program; exposure monitoring for fumes, dusts, or noise; and evaluation of engineering controls as necessary. 

Both private sector and government employers may request Iowa Consultation services by completing the Request for On-Site Services.  The employers' obligation is to correct serious job safety and health hazards in a timely manner. 

Qualified employers may participate in OSHA Consultation SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program).  The program recognizes employers who have demonstrated exemplary achievements in workplace safety and  health by receiving a comprehensive safety and health consultation visit, correcting all workplace safety and health hazards, adopting and implementing effective safety and health management systems, and agreeing to request further consultative visits if major changes in working conditions or processes occur that may introduce new hazards.  Employers meeting these specific program requirements may be exempt from general scheduled OSHA inspections for one year. 

Iowa OSHA Education Services

Iowa Education offers free training on safety and health topics.  Consultants are also available to attend seminars and conferences. Employers may request training by completing the Request for Services by Educational Staff

Iowa Education section offers a variety of safety education videos that can be borrowed, free of charge, for public use.  Please contact Ylonda Shook at shook.ylonda@dol.gov or (515) 281-0202 if you have questions about the videos. 

Iowa OSHA has adopted the Federal OSHA Standards 29 CFR 1910, 1926 and 1928.  Copies of these standards can be found on www.osha.gov.  In addition, Iowa has additional requirements related to the Right to Know Standards.  These requirements can be found under Iowa Administrative Rules 875 Chapter 110 and Chapter 130

Additional Iowa OSHA Hazard Communication Training can be found under Iowa Administrative Rules 875Chapter 3.22

The Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) for the State of Iowa is administered through the Education Services.  If you have questions about this recognition program, please contact Shashi Patel at patel.shashi@dol.gov or (515) 281-6369. 

The Compliance Assistance Specialist (CAS) is available to answer your questions regarding recordkeeping, OSHA regulations, partnerships, alliances and is a resource for safety and health assistance.  The CAS is available to provide outreach and training on OSHA topics at seminars, safety meetings and conferences.  To reach Iowa's Compliance Assistance Specialist, contact Mike Whitmore at whitmore.mike@dol.gov or (515) 281-0862. 

For more information regarding OSHA Consultation and Education services, please contact our office by calling (515) 281-7629 or (515) 281-0202. 

Public Service Executive 2/Project Manager
Joe Mullen (515) 281-0593 mullen.joseph@dol.gov
Suzanne (515) 281-7629 hutton.suzanne@dol.gov
Ylonda (515) 281-0202 shook.ylonda@dol.gov
FAX: (515) 281-5522
Safety Consultants:
Chris (515) 725-1289 downs.christopher.d@dol.gov
Scott (515) 281-0294 gifford.scott@dol.gov
Rich (515) 242-6724 hill.richard@dol.gov
Dwayne (515) 281-0896 heckman.dwayne@dol.gov
Dave (515) 281-3124 phillips.david@dol.gov
Industrial Hygienists:
Tong (515) 242-6886 khamma.tong@dol.gov
Ken (515) 281-0621 arp.kennan@dol.gov
Michael (515) 725-1202 pocernich.michael@dol.gov
Joanna (515) 725-1223 wilson.joanna@dol.gov



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