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Bidder Preference Law



New administrative rules adopted: The Labor Commissioner adopted new rules concerning bidder preferences in government contracting. The rules set forth requirements for public bodies involved in a public improvement and set forth procedures for enforcement activities by the Labor Commissioner. The new rules go into effect on February 12, 2014.  To view the new rules, click here.  

New Bidder Status Form:  The new rules require bidders to complete a form designated by the Labor Commissioner.  Click here for the Bidder Status Form.


The Labor Commissioner enforces Iowa Code Section 73A.21 that governs bidder preferences for public works contracts. The requirements impact the manner of contracting by governmental entities and establish recordkeeping requirements for certain contractors.

If you would like to file a complaint concerning a violation of Iowa's bidder preference law for public construction projects, please complete and file this form.

For more information about bidder preference complaints call 515-281-3554.  



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