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Application for Asbestos Permit

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Asbestos Permits and Licenses


SPECIAL INFORMATION FOR SCHOOLS.  The Division of Labor and the Iowa Department of Natural Resources worked together to help schools with asbestos compliance.  Click here for important information. 

WORKING WITHOUT A LICENSE is illegal.  If you work without a current, valid, Iowa license, your license may be revoked and your application for a new license may be denied.  In addition, penalties for working without a license can be as high as $25,000.

RESPIRATORY PROTECTION PROGRAMS must be complete, current, and accurate.  Click here for a sample respiratory protection program.  


The Iowa Division of Labor administers Iowa’s asbestos licensing and permitting program. For information about asbestos abatement permits and an application form, click here.  For information about asbestos licenses and an application form, click here.


To qualify for a license in Iowa, the applicant must have successfully completed training as established by the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 


To contact us:


Jamie Cook, Secretary                            (515) 281-6175               jamie.cook@iwd.iowa.gov

FAX                                                         (515) 281-7995



Asbestos Licensee and Permittee Database

Browse through our listing of all people and businesses authorized to work in Iowa.

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Iowa OSHA enforces regulations designed to protect workers from asbestos.  For more information about Iowa OSHA, click here.  For the OSHA asbestos construction standard, click here.  For additional assistance from federal OSHA regarding the OSHA construction standard, click here.

The Iowa Department of Natural Resources (DNR) enforces asbestos regulations designed to protect the environment.  For more information about DNR's requirements click here

Asbestos permittees may be subject to Iowa's Smokefree Air Act.  Click here for more information. 

The Iowa Department of Public Health regulates lead abatement.  For more information on lead abatement, click here.

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