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Utility Safety Information for working around natural gas pipes and electrical lines. 

Elaws Advisors help you understand your rights and responsibilities under the employment laws and regulations administered by the U.S. Department of Labor.


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Labor Services Division

Michael A. Mauro, Labor Commissioner

Workers' Memorial Ceremony
 Workers' Memorial Ceremony




Workers Memorial Day Ceremony

Friday, April 25, 2014, 11:00 a.m.

Iowa Workforce Development

1000 E. Grand Avenue

Des Moines, IA 


The Unions of the AFL-CIO set aside a day each year as Workers Memorial Day.  This is a day to honor and remember Iowans who in the past year have died in Iowa's workplaces and serving in our Military.  This is also a day to reflect on the lives that were lost and to renew our commitment to safe and healthy workplaces for all Iowans. 


Random OSHA Inspections Save Employers Money: Click here for information. 


Significant Changes to OSHA Hazard Communication Standard are Coming:  Click here for information 


The Division of Labor Services is responsible for the enforcement of programs designed to protect the safety, health and economic security of all Iowans.  Our programs protect people who ride on elevators, escalators and amusement rides.  We protect anyone who enters a building with an asbestos abatement project or a public building with a boiler. We protect employees from dangers in the workplace and protect employees' rights to be paid wages.  We protect Iowa's children from dangers in workplaces and enhance their educational experiences. 

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