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ICAP WorkerWhat is an Iowa Career Access Point?
A faith-based or community organization, where people can go in their own neighborhoods or communities to look for jobs, assisted by trained individuals who connect them to the One-Stop system via computer and direct referrals.

What Does It Do?
• Open to the Public 8 hours weekly
• Core services (self-directed job search)
• Referrals to One-Stop, others
• Publicizes Itself/ One-Stop
• Reports
• Assures non-religious use, equal treatment and religious liberty

How do you ensure Equal Treatment and Religious Liberty of  Faith Based Community Based Organizations (FBCOs)?
Ensuring the equal treatment and religious liberty of FBCOs that become Iowa Career Access Points through this SHARE Network model and the customers they serve. Iowa Workforce Development will provide a mandatory training on “Partnering with Integrity” to the Access Point and it’s volunteers. The Access Point agrees to abide by federal, state and local laws, particularly those ensuring non-religious use, religious liberty, equal protection and non-discrimination.

How do you select Access Points?
When choosing our Access Points, we use selection criteria which are neutral towards religion.

ICAP WorkerWhat makes a good Iowa Career Access Point?
•  Computer workstation with a chair and a phone
•  Internet access, preferably hi-speed
•  Training
•  Relationship with One-Stop staff
•  Communication
•  Networking opportunities

What does “Partnering with Integrity” mean as an Iowa Career Access Point?
 No inherently religious activities (e.g. religious worship, instruction, or proselytizing) may be paid for or supported with USDOL financial assistance.
•  Inherently religious activities must be held at a separate time or in a separate space from Access Point hours of operation.
• Inherently religious activities must be purely voluntary for Access Point customers.

How is Religious Liberty protected?
A faith-based organization that houses an Iowa Career Access Point may:
•  Continue to carry out their religious activities;
•  Keep religious signs or symbols in their facility;
•  Select their own board members, including clergy, and otherwise govern themselves on a religious basis; and
•  Offer voluntary religious activities to Access Point customers.

ICAP VolunteerProspective or active Iowa Career Access Point customers:
•  Must not be treated differently because of their religion or religious beliefs (or lack thereof);
•  Must be permitted to freely express their views and exercise their right to religious freedom;
•  Must be provided reasonable accommodation for their religious beliefs; and
•  Must be informed that participation in inherently religious activities is voluntary and will not affect the quality of the services they receive.

Where can I find more information about the Share Network Access Point model Iowa Career Access Points are based on?
• “Partnering With Integrity”  A PowerPoint presentation available on-line
• USDOL Equal Treatment regulations and resources
• Call the USDOL Center for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives at (202) 693-6450

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