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Organization Group ICAP Background and History
In March of 2008, Iowa Workforce Development launched an Iowa Career Access Point (ICAP) pilot with 8 Faith Based and Community Organizations (FBCOs) in 5 targeted communities. These communities are: Mason City, Forest City, Ottumwa, Council Bluffs and Des Moines. These are situated in outreach centers, churches, temples, chambers of commerce and others.

The ultimate goal of the ICAP program is to create a portal into the Iowa Workforce Development One-Stop system for communities that may not know about our employment services, may be too far away or may not be comfortable entering a government office building. Each ICAP is located in a community neighborhood and staffed by volunteers so clients and residents can feel more at ease.

What's In It For Me (Organizations)
Targeted services on-site are provided to your community by a trained volunteer and promotion of your organization and services to the public.

What's  In It For Me (Job Seekers)
Job search services and referrals provided at a location close to your neighborhood in a familiar place by a trained ambassador.

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