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The following titles link to publications concerning Green Jobs/Economy

Green Economy Regulation Incentive White Paper
Researched and written by Iowa State University.  This white paper outlines the energy regulations and incentives offered by the State of Iowa and identifies the gaps between them.

Auto Industry Supply Chain Study for Iowa
Study performed for IWD by the Institute for Work and the Economy out of Chicago.  Auto supply chain research was conducted through company interviews. The study illustrates the impact of the recession on auto suppliers located in Iowa.

Inventory of Iowa Registered Apprenticeships
in the Green Economy
Identifies the registered apprenticeships in the State of Iowa that relate to green jobs according to O*net.  Produced in partnership with the Office of Apprenticeship, data were matched with unemployment insurance wage records to illustrate the importance and impact of this training on workers' wages.

State Building Deconstruction & Recycling Inventory

Designed for outside entities to access and use to inventory their buildings in need of deconstruction and recycling throughout the State of Iowa.  Report details the status of buildings listed in need of destruction and contains best practices from other states and countries.  Recommendations are made for identifying and promoting rehabilitation, preservation, deconstruction, recycling, and entrepreneurship in Iowa communities.

Synopsis of Energy Sector Workforce Demographics
This report uses multiple data sources to analyze the demographic make-up of green jobs in the State of Iowa.  It includes the employment status of those with experience in green occupations, industrial classification of the employed, and industry specifics.  Data sources include: Laborshed data, 2000 Census data, and Iowa Wage Survey information based on green occupations identified by O*net.

Green Economy Laborshed Study and
Business Demand Occupational Survey
Identifies the current and future demand for green occupations across the State of Iowa.  In addition, it provides data on the supply of workers with experience and education in occupations related to green initiatives.
Iowa Green Economy Labor Supply and Demand Analysis Identifies the specific gap between the workforce and the needs of employers in regard to green jobs.

Iowa Green Economy Human Capital Inventory

Contains education and training for green careers in addition to career lattices for solar, wind, biomass, water, water reclamation, air pollution, recycling, retrofitting, green design and construction, sustainable agriculture, and transportation technology.

Green Economy Education Resources

A catalog of green job education & training resources throughout the State of Iowa and the Midwest.

LMI Staff Training
Iowa Workforce Development's Labor Market Information Division staff attended a green job labor market information training session given by the Labor Market Information Institute in order to better understand the meaning of green jobs when analyzing the labor market for the State of Iowa.

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