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Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act
The Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) will help job seekers and workers access employment, education, training, and support services to succeed in the labor market and match employers with skilled workers they need to compete in the global economy.

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Iowa Job-Driven National Emergency Grant Request For Training Fund Proposal
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Iowa Workforce Investment Act Annual Report for Program Year 2013 & WIA 2013 Performance Report
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Iowa Workforce Development 2013 Annual Report
The past fiscal year brought some improvements in the Iowa economy that should position the state for stronger hiring in the year ahead.The housing market is on solid footing, and hiring is broader in scope, including a number of the service-providing industries that had been on hold for some time...
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Work In Iowa Microsites
Job listings for work available in Iowa (compatible with mobile devices).
Iowa's Statewide Job Bank -
Veteran Microsite -
Healthcare Microsite -
Manufacturing Microsite -
Disability Microsite -
STEM Microsite -
Green Jobs Microsite -
Youth Microsite -
Seasonal Jobs Microsite -

Mobile Ready Construction Jobs Microsite –

Skilled Iowa Initiative
Governor Terry Branstad today announced the new Skilled Iowa Initiative, a program that provides assurances to employers and potential employers that local workforces have the skills and abilities to fill job openings. The initiative will promote the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) testing to potential job seekers, encourage businesses to hire certified workers when applicable, and provide resources to those looking to improve their skills.

Community Layoff and Crisis Response Manual
 A Guide to Reacting to Business Downturn... Developed to serve as a resource tool for individuals at the local community level whether the individual is a workforce development or an economic development professional, city administrator, a volunteer board member for the local workforce investment board or the economic development organization, elected official or others in leadership positions. Though each local economy is unique, many of the actions and strategies that communities implement to prepare for, and respond to, mass layoffs and business-closing crises are similar, and this manual attempts to highlight many of those actions and strategies in a practical and useable manner.
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Green Jobs - A Guide To Green Profession Strategies
Information to understand the meaning of green jobs when analyzing the labor market for the State of Iowa. Includes a listing of Green Jobs in Iowa.

A Summary of State Administered Workforce Training Programs
A comprehensive overview of the many diverse workforce, training, and educational programs available to the citizens, workers, and businesses of Iowa.

Iowa Layoff Notification Law - Iowa Worker Downsizing and Employer Responsibilities
The decision to reduce of eliminate a portion of a company’s workforce is difficult for all parties involved in the process. Iowa Workforce Development provides a number of services for dislocated workers through our IowaWORKS centers, such as Rapid Response and Trade Act Benefits. These services are provided free of charge, completed in concert with the employer and activated when an employer completes their responsibilities under the Iowa Layoff Notification Law or the Federal WARN Act.

Iowa’s Unemployed: "Coping with Recession"
The unemployment insurance system turned 75 years old this year. This system has helped provide some level of economic security for the nation’s workforce during this period of time. Over time, the unemployment insurance apparatus has helped workers, their families and communities, in times of need. Historically, unemployment has been viewed as a “safety net” although that paradigm is changing...
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State Administered Workforce Training Programs
A summary of State Administered Workforce Training Programs: Workforce Skill Enhancement, Economic Development, Life Long Learning, Education & Training and Technology Skill Development...

Iowa's New Energy Economy
Iowa Workforce Development has launched a new web site focused on the opportunities available to Iowans in the Green Economy. This new site will be an important link to employment and training information on the New Energy Economy.

Dislocated Worker Services
Learn more information about IWD's services for Dislocated Workers including Layoff Aversion, Rapid Response, Trade Adjustment Assistance, and how to file a WARN notice in case of a plant closing or mass layoff.

Iowa Worker Misclassification
Misclassification of workers as “independent contractors” rather than “employees,” is a growing problem in Iowa and across the nation. The federal Government Accountability Office reports that the underpayment of Social Security taxes, unemployment and income taxes in 2006, due to worker misclassification, totaled an estimated $2.72 billion, nationally...

Extended Training Benefits and Department Approved Training
You can go to school and still receive unemployment insurance benefits!
There are two options available for training - Department Approved Training (DAT) and Training Extension Benefits (TEB)

Youth For Iowa Web Site
Iowa Workforce Development has created the Youth For Iowa web site as a resource for Iowa's students and youth.

Resource Guide for Job Seekers
A Step-by-step guide to dealing with a job loss, starting a new job and everything in between.
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Veteran Employment Services
Iowa Workforce Development and the US Dept of Labor/Veterans Employment and Training partner  to provide employment and referral services to eligible veterans and other eligible persons and to ensure priority of service is provided to all veterans.

Iowa Registered Apprenticeship Site
The 21st century economy demands a workforce with postsecondary education credentials and the adaptability to respond immediately to changing economic and business needs. Registered Apprenticeship is a critical postsecondary education, training and employment option available in every state in the country. An Integration Program To Educate, Promote, Train, Target and Partner...

Online Continued Claims Reporting
To receive payments after you have filed your initial claim, you must confirm your eligibility every week and can now do this online...

Downloadable Minimum Wage Poster
A printable poster for Iowa's Minimum Wage.

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