Question :
When are benefits to be paid?
Answer :
The law is written to encourage prompt payment of workers’ compensation benefits so that the employee will not suffer any undue hardship. Before making payments, most insurance companies or self-insured employers require a written report of injury (which is usually completed and filed by the employer) and some medical verification of the injury. The law provides for weekly payments of disability benefits, beginning on the eleventh day of disability. In certain cases, if the benefits are not paid when due, or are unreasonably delayed or denied, the employee may be entitled to interest or penalty benefits.

Once benefits start, the payments shall be terminated only when the employee has returned to work, or upon thirty days notice stating the reason for the termination and advising the employee of the right to file a claim with the workers' compensation commissioner. (85.30, 86.13)

Division of Workers' Compensation site

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