Question :
What are the Workers' Compensation benefits payable for loss body members?
Answer :
Appendix A contains the number of weeks of benefits payable for 100% loss, or loss of use, of the body member. If the PPD rating is less than 100%, the percentage rating is multiplied by the number of weeks shown. For example a 20% loss or loss of use, of a thumb would be computed as 20% of 60 weeks or 12 weeks of PPD benefits.

Scheduled Body Members:
Loss of thumb - 60 weeks
Loss of first finger - 35 weeks
Loss of second finger - 30 weeks
Loss of third finger - 25 weeks
Loss of fourth finger - 20 weeks
Loss of hand 190 - weeks
Loss of arm 250 - weeks
Loss of great toe - 40 weeks
Loss of any other toe - 15 weeks
Loss of foot - 150 weeks
Loss of leg - 220 weeks
Loss of eye - 140 weeks
Loss of hearing in one ear - 50 weeks
Loss of hearing in both ears - 175 weeks
Permanent disfigurement, face or head - 150 weeks
Body as a whole/industrial disability - 500 weeks

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