Question :
How do I appeal an Unemployment Insurance decision?
Answer :
If either the employer or former employee disagrees with an Unemployment Insurance decision, either party has the right to appeal and present testimony before an administrative law judge. On the decision there will be a mailing date, a decision date or a subjectivity determination date. It will also state how many days you have to appeal that particular decision. Some appeals must be postmarked or received within 10 calendar days and others will have a thirty-day appeal period on them. All appeals must be in writing. You may mail your appeal to the Appeals Bureau, Iowa Workforce Development, 1000 E. Grand, Des Moines, IA 50319-0209, or fax it to (515) 242-5144. You may contact the Appeals Bureau at (515) 281-3747, or your local Iowa Workforce Development office to assist you in filing an appeal or answering general questions. Visit the
Unemployment Insurance Appeals section for more information.

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