Question :
Why is my claim locked up?
Answer :
Although you may meet some requirements, you may be disqualified from receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits. A decision will be issued by an Unemployment Insurance representative to notify you if you are eligible or ineligible to receive unemployment insurance benefits. You may be disqualified from receiving unemployment insurance benefits if one of the following applies:
• if you quit your job without good cause attributable to the employer;
• were discharged or suspended for misconduct in connection with your job;
• refused suitable work with an employer;
• refused recall to suitable work by an employer;
• are not able and available to work;
• not seeking work as required;
• are unemployed due to a strike or labor dispute;
• have set unrealistic limitations on the types of work you will accept;
• failed to report/participate in re-employment services;
• failed to return work history forms when required;
• or are a school employee with a contract or reasonable assurance of returning to work when the academic year resumes.

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