Question :
If I get a job, how does that affect my Unemployment Insurance?
Answer :
If you start a full-time job, you should stop calling in your weekly claim to discontinue claiming benefits. If you have started working part-time, you may continue to claim benefits as long as you continue to be able and available for work. Make and report your work search and report your gross wages as earned so that the wages will be correctly deducted from your weekly benefit amount. To determine your gross wages earned, multiply the number of hours worked for the week by your hourly rate of pay.

Working part-time will extend the time you may draw benefits, but the maximum benefit amount will not change. You must report all gross wages when earned, not when paid. While working part-time, if you were initially required to make a search for employment, then you must continue to look for work and be able and available to accept work if offered to you. If your gross wages equal or exceed your weekly benefit amount plus $15, you will not receive an unemployment insurance payment for that week. If this happens for four weeks in a row, you will need to reapply if your part-time earnings are reduced once more.

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