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Topics Amusement Rides and Related Equipment
Question How can I get information about amusement rides and related equipment?
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Topics Asbestos Permits and Licenses
Question How can I find information about asbestos regulations?
Question How can I obtain an asbestos license?
Question How can I find out who has asbestos licenses and/or permits?
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Topics Athletic Commissioner
Question How do I apply for an amateur boxing grant?
Question Are professional wrestling events regulated in Iowa?
Question Are Mixed Martial Arts or MMA events regulated in Iowa?
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Topics Boiler Inspection
Question What should I do if my boiler inspection is overdue?
Question What is Iowa Workforce Development's role in Boiler regulations?
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Topics Child Labor And Work Permits
Question What is the youngest age to begin employment in Iowa?
Question Who needs a work permit?
Question Who needs a Certificate of Age?
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Topics Computer Issues
Question Why can't my computer access your site correctly?
Question Can you use a computer to look up jobs?
Question I canít type and don't know how to use a computer. Can you teach me?
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Topics Contractor Registration and Bonding
Question Does the State of Iowa require a contractor license?
Question What contractors must register with the State?
Question How do I find out if a contractor is registered?
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Topics Elevators, Escalators & Related Equipment
Question How can I get information about regulation of elevators, escalators and related equipment?
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Topics Employer Job Search Assistance
Question Do you have applicants looking for professional jobs (college educated)?
Question Can I leave my job order in your system indefinitely? We always have openings.
Question Can I get my job order posted statewide?
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Topics Employment Agencies
Question When is an employment agency license needed?
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Topics Employment Law
Question Does Iowa have a pregnancy leave law? What kind of pregnancy leave does that law require?
Question Do I have to pay an employee while they are on jury duty?
Question Do I have the right to have access to my personnel files?
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Topics Hazardous Chemical Reporting
Question Where is the Iowa Tier II Emergency and Hazardous Chemical Inventory report information listed?
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Topics IOSH Enforcement
Question How did I get selected for this inspection?
Question Today is not convenient, can you come another day?
Question How long is this inspection going to take?
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Topics IWD Operations
Question Can you give me the phone number for a unit within Iowa Workforce Development?
Question What services do you provide? What can you do for me?
Question Can you give me the phone number for the Iowa Civil Rights Commission?
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Topics Job Seekers
Question Iím looking for a job. What do I need to do?
Question Why am I not registered anymore? How do I keep my application active? Will you update my application?
Question Why donít employers always list a wage or salary on the job order?
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Question What is PROMISE JOBS? Are you promising me a job?
Question Can PROMISE JOBS pay for my daycare and fix my car?
Question Why do I have to attend PROMISE JOBS activities when I already have a job?
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Topics Unemployment - Claimants
Question Whereís my unemployment payment? When will I get my unemployment payment?
Question How long can I get Unemployment Insurance?
Question Can I voluntarily quit my job and get unemployment?
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Topics Unemployment - Employer and Tax
Question How do I appeal an Unemployment Insurance decision?
Question I just started a new business with employees. How do I set up an account?
Question Why isnít my name and phone number on the fact-finding notice? I faxed/sent it in?
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Topics Veterans, Reservists and Military Service
Question Other than status and prompt reinstatement, what are my other entitlements as a returning veteran?
Question Does the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) protect me from discrimination by an employer or prospective employer?
Question At our company, employees (as well as the employer) contribute to the pension plan. Am I required to contribute that which I would have contributed if I had been continuously employed? Is there a deadline for making up missed contributions?
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Topics Wage and Hour
Question What kind of breaks are required under Iowa law?
Question Am I entitled to my unused vacation when I am fired or if I quit?
Question Can my employer require me to attend a meeting, lecture, or training without paying me?
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Topics Workers' Compensation
Question Who is eligible for Workers' Compensation?
Question Who chooses the Medical Care?
Question What are the Workers' Compensation benefits payable for loss body members?
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