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Wage and Hour

Question What kind of breaks are required under Iowa law?
Question Am I entitled to my unused vacation when I am fired or if I quit?
Question Can my employer require me to attend a meeting, lecture, or training without paying me?
Question Can an employer change my hours, job description, and/or work location without notice?
Question Who is entitled to overtime and when?
Question Can my employer require me to have a direct deposit of my wages?
Question My employer hasn’t paid me wages I believe I am owed. What can I do?
Question Can an employer require employees to purchase uniforms?
Question Are Iowa employers required to pay employees for sick time, vacations or holidays?
Question What can be deducted from my wages?
Question What is the maximum number of hours per day my employer can make me work?
Question May an employer mail a paycheck to an employee without written consent from the employee?
Question Do I have a right to get a pay stub?
Question What is the Iowa minimum wage?
Question Do I get paid for being on “on-call?”
Question Can an employer pay less that the new Iowa minimum wage for the first 90 days of employment?
Question Are Iowa employers required to give employees pay raises?
Question I am a tipped employee. Can my employer pay me less than minimum wage?
Question Who can help me with questions concerning my employer-sponsored pension plan?

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