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Unemployment - Claimants

Question Where’s my unemployment payment? When will I get my unemployment payment?
Question How long can I get Unemployment Insurance?
Question Can I voluntarily quit my job and get unemployment?
Question What is my weekly benefit amount?
Question How do I contact the Iowa Unemployment Insurance Division for claim questions?
Question What is my PIN number?
Question What do you mean, I’m not eligible to draw Unemployment Insurance. I’ve paid in for years. It’s my money, isn’t it? Why would my employer protest my claim when it’s my money?
Question How much can I make before it will affect my Unemployment Insurance?
Question I forgot to call in over the weekend. What do I do now?
Question I called to find out when I would get my check, and the computer says it is in determination status. What does that mean?
Question If I am offered employment, what wage do I have to accept while I’m drawing Unemployment Insurance?
Question I may be losing my job. Am I eligible for Unemployment Insurance, and how much can I get?
Question Do I have to report my vacation pay/severance pay?
Question Are there going to be any more Unemployment Insurance extensions? Am I eligible?
Question How do I stop my Unemployment Insurance when I find a job?
Question I filed online, but I don’t know if it went through. I filed by phone, but I don’t know if it went through. How can I find out?
Question Why would my claim be protested?
Question When is my fact-finding interview?
Question What is the time frame on which my claim is based? How are my benefits figured? How long do I have to work before I can draw Unemployment Insurance?
Question If I’m going to school full-time, do I still have to make a work search?
Question I received a letter that says I was overpaid and have to repay benefits.
Question How does Social Security, a 401K and/or pension affect my unemployment claim?
Question How long does it take to get my debit card?
Question If I get a job, how does that affect my Unemployment Insurance?
Question How do I have taxes start/stop out of my Unemployment Insurance?
Question Why is my claim locked up?
Question Can I go on vacation and still get my Unemployment Insurance?
Question I need to file for Unemployment Insurance. How do I do that? Do I have to come into the office?
Question What is the result of my fact-finding telephone interview?
Question Why am I required to file a new claim? How long will my claim last?
Question What is the link to the debit card web site?
Question Am I eligible for benefits if I am hospitalized or under the care of a physician?
Question Do I still need to call in or report online weekly, or do I wait until after the fact-finding hearing?
Question How do I appeal an Unemployment Insurance decision?
Question How does vacation or holiday pay affect my Unemployment Insurance?
Question I’m self employed. Do I have to report those earnings when I call in my weekly claim?
Question I called in my claim, but reported wages incorrectly. What do I do now?
Question Can I claim my spouse as a dependent?
Question How much child support will be taken out of my payment
Question I’m a resident of another state who has been working in Iowa. I just lost my job. Where do I go to file for Unemployment Insurance?
Question Can I file for Unemployment Insurance in any state, even if I’m not a resident of that state?
Question What is a dependent?
Question When I apply for something online, sometimes I’m unsure whether the proper people have received my application. If I’m unsure, should I submit another application?
Question On the withholding page in the unemployment insurance application, the third question asks if I’ve been receiving a private pension or retirement payments (401K, Keogh, etc.). Is that like asking if I’ve been paying into a fund like that?
Question Can my spouse bring my claim form to a local office or receive answers about my unemployment claim at the local office?
Question Why does it say my social security number is not on file when I call in to report?
Question I changed my address at the post office, but I still haven’t gotten my check. Why not?
Question How do I apply for Unemployment Insurance in Illinois, Minnesota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, or Missouri?
Question On the application form there are two lines for the address. Does this mean I have to enter two addresses?
Question I served in the U.S. military and I am claiming those wages. On the application there are questions that ask about military service and others that refer to the federal government. Do I answer both if I served in the military?

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