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Question Where’s my unemployment payment? When will I get my unemployment payment?
Question How long can I get Unemployment Insurance?
Question Does Iowa have a pregnancy leave law? What kind of pregnancy leave does that law require?
Question Can I voluntarily quit my job and get unemployment?
Question What kind of breaks are required under Iowa law?
Question Do I have to pay an employee while they are on jury duty?
Question Do I have the right to have access to my personnel files?
Question What is my weekly benefit amount?
Question How do I contact the Iowa Unemployment Insurance Division for claim questions?
Question Can you give me the phone number for a unit within Iowa Workforce Development?
Question I’m looking for a job. What do I need to do?
Question How do I appeal an Unemployment Insurance decision?
Question Is my employer required to give me notice when he fires me? Do I have to give notice when I quit?
Question What is my PIN number?
Question What do you mean, I’m not eligible to draw Unemployment Insurance. I’ve paid in for years. It’s my money, isn’t it? Why would my employer protest my claim when it’s my money?
Question How much can I make before it will affect my Unemployment Insurance?
Question I forgot to call in over the weekend. What do I do now?
Question Am I entitled to my unused vacation when I am fired or if I quit?
Question Why am I not registered anymore? How do I keep my application active? Will you update my application?
Question I called to find out when I would get my check, and the computer says it is in determination status. What does that mean?
Question What is PROMISE JOBS? Are you promising me a job?
Question If I am offered employment, what wage do I have to accept while I’m drawing Unemployment Insurance?
Question I may be losing my job. Am I eligible for Unemployment Insurance, and how much can I get?
Question Can my employer require me to attend a meeting, lecture, or training without paying me?
Question What is the youngest age to begin employment in Iowa?
Question Do I have to report my vacation pay/severance pay?
Question Are there going to be any more Unemployment Insurance extensions? Am I eligible?
Question What posters are employers required to post in the workplace, and where do we get those? How much do they cost?
Question What services do you provide? What can you do for me?
Question Question: I'm applying for a job but the ad says they don't hire smokers. Is that legal?
Question Why don’t employers always list a wage or salary on the job order?
Question Can PROMISE JOBS pay for my daycare and fix my car?
Question I just started a new business with employees. How do I set up an account?
Question How do I stop my Unemployment Insurance when I find a job?
Question I filed online, but I don’t know if it went through. I filed by phone, but I don’t know if it went through. How can I find out?
Question How can I find information about asbestos regulations?
Question Why would my claim be protested?
Question Who is eligible for Workers' Compensation?
Question Who needs a work permit?
Question When is my fact-finding interview?
Question What is the time frame on which my claim is based? How are my benefits figured? How long do I have to work before I can draw Unemployment Insurance?
Question Do you have applicants looking for professional jobs (college educated)?
Question Why can't my computer access your site correctly?
Question If I’m going to school full-time, do I still have to make a work search?
Question I received a letter that says I was overpaid and have to repay benefits.
Question How can I get information about amusement rides and related equipment?
Question Can my employer fire me without a reason?
Question Who needs a Certificate of Age?
Question How does Social Security, a 401K and/or pension affect my unemployment claim?
Question Why do I have to attend PROMISE JOBS activities when I already have a job?

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