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    Migrant and Seasonal Farm Workers Program (MSFW)

Migrant and Seaonal Farm Worker

Many migrant farm workers travel to Iowa each year to help with the cultivating and harvesting of several crops in specific regions of the state. Other workers come in search of longer-term, higher-wage jobs in non-agricultural industries.

Generally, migrant farm workers return to the same worksite year after year with several generations of the same family working the same company fields and following the same migrant path to Iowa. Seasonal farm workers reside year round in Iowa and work in other areas during the off agricultural season. There are an estimated 2,500 vegetable, fruit, sod and dairy farms, orchards, and nurseries in Iowa which employ farm workers seasonally. Iowa Workforce Development primarily serves migrants and seasonal farm workers through its MSFW Outreach program in this type of agricultural work: planting, harvesting, hoeing, detassling, weeding, sowing, cultivating, bunching, picking, thinning, packing, or loading. Iowa agricultural crops include vegetables, fruits, potatoes, berries, oilseeds, dry beans, dry peas, hay. MSFW are also seasonally employed to work with farm equipment & farm duties, hogs & pigs, cattles & calves, sheep & goats, horses & ponies, poultry & eggs, milk & other dairy products, also in nurseries & green houses, floriculture, Christmas trees and in aquaculture.

Whether the job is on or off the farm, through our Migrant and Seasonal Farm Worker Program we help farm workers and the employers who hire them.

In specially designated regions of the state our Migrant & Seasonal Farm Workers Outreach Specialists focus on helping farm workers to register with our labor exchange system, find jobs, get other basic services, and providing referrals to other community services.

Because the vast majority of migrant farm workers are Hispanic, all of our Outreach Specialists are proficient in English and Spanish. For more information, contact:

Marco A. Adasme
State Monitor Advocate

Targeted Services Bureau
Iowa Workforce Development
150 Des Moines Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309-1836
Tel (515) 281-9019
Cell (563) 506-4248
Fax (515) 281-9006
Email: marco.adasme@iwd.iowa.gov


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