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CarpenterThe 21st century economy demands a workforce with postsecondary education credentials and the adaptability to respond immediately to changing economic and business needs. The public workforce system is playing a leadership role in meeting these demands by catalyzing the implementation of innovative talent development and lifelong learning strategies that will enable American workers to advance their skills and remain competitive in the global economy.

Registered Apprenticeship is a critical postsecondary education,Nurse Assistant training and employment option available in every state in the country. It is an important component of  talent development strategies. Registered Apprenticeship is business and industry-driven, with more than 29,000 programs impacting 250,000 employers and almost 450,000 apprentices in such industries as: construction, manufacturing, transportation, telecommunications, information technology, biotechnology, retail, health care, the military, utilities, security and the public sector.

Full collaboration between the publicly funded workforce investment system and Registered Apprenticeship leverages each systemís strengths to maximize the benefits in the context of regional talent development strategies.

Registered Apprenticeship Video

The Registered Apprenticeship program has released a video that highlights the importance of apprenticeships in today's economy. The video features several members of the Secretary of Labor's Advisory Committee on Apprenticeship (ACA) providing testimonials on the importance of the 21st Century Vision for Apprenticeship and how it will help serve the needs of U.S. workers, employers and industries. The video also includes an opening from the Assistant Secretary for the Employment and Training Administration Eric Seleznow.

U.S. Department Of Labor

75th Year of National Apprenticeship Act

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