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Iowa Tax Incentives

"The State of Iowa created tax incentives to improve an
employer's ability to hire & retain qualified workers!"

Access Related Incentive
Iowa Assistive Device
Tax Credit

If you buy or rent products or equipment, or make physical changes to the workplace to help an employee get or keep a job.

   To qualify:

  • 14 or less Full time employees  or....
  • $3 million or less in yearly gross receipts

   You receive a tax credit equal to:

  • 1/2 of $5,000 spent
  • $2,500 annual cap

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This credit can be taken to help reduce the costs involved in providing an accommodation for an individual with a disability.


Wage Related Incentive
Iowa Small Business
Tax Deduction

Given in addition to the Work Opportunity Tax Credit for small Iowa businesses. For the new hiring of an employee with a disability.

   To qualify:

  • 20 or less employees  or....
  • $3 million or less in yearly gross revenue

   You receive a tax deduction equal to:

  • 65% of wages in the first year
  • $20,000 ceiling per employee

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Claim deduction on the Iowa 1040 tax return, no separate application required


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